Get your MOJO back! Get your strength back! Strength is truly the fountain of youth. With an appropriate strength training program you will reverse hyper-tension, build muscle and bone, reduce stress, burn unwanted fat. Have more energy to do the things you love and FEEL YOUNG AND POWERFUL AGAIN!

Located in Mayaguez, STG Strength and Power Puerto Rico is a private strength and conditioning studio that offers a research-based high intensity training experience, designed to get results.


At Strength and Power, we are a one-on-one personal training facility. The basis and philosophy of our program is full-body High Intensity Training, which ensures maximum stimulation of all the major muscle groups of the body in a minimum amount of time.

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Intensity-based exercise is about finding the right amount of exercise the body needs to create positive adaptation (muscle growth, fat loss, strengthening of joints, etc.) It is not about doing countless sets of the same exercise or just moving through an exercise without purpose. In our programs, we make sure you are getting the most out of each set and each rep.

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Nutritional counselling is also supplied with any exercise program or can be done separately. A quick overview of what we teach is eating whole, nutrient dense foods, (as in vegetables) whenever possible. Breakdowns of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are discussed on an individual basis, depending on a client’s, age, sex, physical shape, culture and desired results


Initial Consultations are always free.

Sessions are scheduled in 30 minute increments and start at $30.00 per session.

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Private and intense!

Use the gym to help you live your life, and not live at the gym!  Learn how to appropriately and safely apply your hard work to get the best results of your life!

6 months of training.