“In the last five months I have had to buy new pants twice. Not only have I become much stronger, I have gone from a size 4 to a size 2 petite, this is great cause, before training, I had never been a size 3 in my life! And now I’m a size 2!”

– Emely

“At the age of 45, it can be difficult to find the time to get to the gym and to find an efficient and effective workout routine that builds muscle and cardio health.  It wasn’t until I started working with Glenn that I realized I was wasting my time on the wrong exercices.  I live a pretty active life, so Glenn guided me into a weight training program that required minimal time at the gym.  The high-intensity, though brief, workout provided a very favorable result in my overall strength.  The brief time in the gym allowed me to spend more time doing the active things I really enjoy doing.  The combination of the two provided for a sustainable and healthy fitness regimen.   Thinking back it seems like such a simple realization, but one that didn’t occur to me without Glenn’s guidance.”

– Michael

“As a person who dreads going to the gym, you made working out really easy! I learnt a lot about taking care of my body and the right way to exercise for my body. Every time we worked out i did not only feel a sense of accomplishment but there was progress with my fitness and even my attitude towards the gym.”


“Glenn Vickerman’s training allowed me to loose weight, build muscle, and dramatically increase my energy and fitness.  I would not be the man I am today without his training. Period.”