When You Give Your Brain a Problem

“When you give your brain a problem, your brain will resolve that problem. Do you believe that? Yes or no?”

  • Darren Shirlaw

This has something to do with goal-setting, but also putting down a real constrained time limit.  This comes up more than once if you follow any material Tim Ferris has put out.  Deadlines with rewards and punishments will go a long way and I can talk more about that in later posts, but what I really want to stress in this week’s post is this…  If you can’t see the end result.  You will never get there!  As this applies to your body and subsequent health.  I see too many people in and around town, at the mall, at the pubs.  I can guarantee that they would all want better bodies, better health, super human like capabilities,  but they have no idea what that would actually look like for them.  They see their flabby meager bodies and have just accepted it with what I see as benign resignation.  They are not happy, but they also don’t seem to want to, or be willing to, or know how to change.  I love the matrix when Morpheus is explaining to Neo about image constructs.  You look the way you do, in the way your mind expects you to look.  So you have to change what your brain or mind is seeing.  You have to be able to visualize how you will look and feel.  You will have to believe that that is how you are supposed to look or are meant to look.  Now as you really make that happen you will then be posing a problem to your brain.  When you look in the mirror, your eyes won’t be transmitting the image your brain is expecting to see.  Your brain will start working out the solution to make sure your body becomes what it expects to see.  Almost magically your google searches will take to blogs and websites (like mine) that will help.  You will make better food choices.  You will (as fast as you want yourself to) become the person your brain or mind’s eye has created and expected you to be.  Now lastly as one final trick to all of this.  Your brain doesn’t communicate in words.  It communicates in pictures and feelings.  It really works well when those images are attached to very powerful emotional states.

Now there is a boat load of free content on the internet from all the guru’s from Jack Canfield to Tony Robbins as well as a multitude of resources surrounding hypnosis and the power of your subconscious mind.  There are thousands of methods and techniques and everyone has their own angle, or way of doing it. Some will work great for you and others won’t.  There will be some trial and error finding an approach you like the most.  Just remember, the ultimate goal here is to communicate to your subconscious in very emotionally powerful images!

In other words, if you see yourself and feel yourself as being fat and weak.  You will be fat and weak!  If you instead put yourself into a state of seeing yourself and feeling yourself as being strong and sexy.  You will become strong and sexy! It really is as simple as that.  In the same way the body will turn and follow the head.  Yeah/ It’s a martial art/wrestling truth.  “Where the head goes, the body follows!” This is also true on the spiritual and mental plain.  Where your thoughts go, your physiology will follow.

Lastly I will finish with this.  As cliche as it is, Michelangelo always said of his famous statue of David that David already existed inside the block of marble.  He just had to remove the excess pieces.  He could say this because he already knew what this statue was going to look like.  He so strongly saw it in his mind’s eye, that the actual labour of sculpting was the easy part.


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