Oh, Red Meat.

“The poor man must walk to get meat for his stomach, the rich man to get a stomach to his meat.”
  –  Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard’s Almanac

So, the most recent study that has been published and made all the social media rounds states that processed red meat is, in fact, a cancer-causing carcinogen. Yes, processed meat is. But if you’ve been up on the science and following this small blog, you would not be surprised by this. On the contrary; you could tell all of your friends why the conclusions that the scientist have drawn are real and legitimate.

Why? Well, processed red meat is generally corn-fed and has added hormones and antibiotics, which wreak havoc on the cows’ or pigs’ systems, and by default, will do the same to us. It is an inflammatory food. This creates inflammation in our bodies. Research has linked this to all kinds of age-related chronic diseases including many cancers.

Do you need to completely avoid red meat? Of course not; in the same way the occasional cigar is not going to get you, neither will this. However, on the other side of this study and internet chatter, is of course, grass-fed, non-processed red meat. It is a great deal healthier for you. Now, can too much of a good thing become a bad thing? Sure, but now we are getting into slippery slopes and philosophical debates.  So I will avoid all of that by saying the following: If you make your diet plant-based, and treat yourself to a good steak once in a while, nothing but good can come of that. If all you eat is processed, corn-fed red meat… Well, let’s just say your colon will not love you!