“Youths!” – Schmidt (New Girl)


To be 20-something again. I have been attracting attention and some goo- natured heckling from my younger co-workers at my third job: I’m the salad guy. The greens guy. The veggies guy. The health nut guy. “Look at you, you are eating so healthy” guy.

The 20-somethings are eating pizza, French fries, and tasty burgers. They also are stunned when they find out I’m 37, which, despite all my meditation, still gives my ego a boost.

The last post was about making time.  As you just read above, I mentioned this is my third job. The first was getting hired on as a personal trainer for Boston Sports Club. The second job was landing a gig as a tour guide for Dorchester Brewing Company. The third and most recent has been landing a security position with Vanguard Security, who just happens to have a contract with the new Canada Goose retail outlet in downtown Boston. So, my days Monday to Friday are split between working at the gym in the mornings and Canada Goose in the afternoons/evenings. My Saturdays are at the brewery.

This means I am putting in long days. I am generally leaving for the train before 7:00am most mornings and not getting home until after 10:00pm. So, in this post, I thought I would share how I am breaking down my day so that I can minimize my “hypocrisy” of my previous post.

The caveat I should mention is that I enjoy everything I am doing. Compared to working in the factory or gym-teaching, nothing I am doing feels like actual work. I like making people physically suffer at the gym. I like talking about the history (“According to Glenn”) of beer. And I am relishing the opportunity to practice my observational and verbal judo skills, which is much easier said than done.  But I am – despite the schedule and the demands from my clients and managers for my time – the master of my day.

Every day I am working at the gym. I may not always work out, but I hit the sauna for 20 minutes and grab a shower. I do my Wim Hof breathing almost every day.  I do not work out every day, but I do get 2-3 good workouts in that are high intensity and last no more the 20 minutes. Then, I go to the Prudential Centre. Every day that I am working at Canada Goose I stop at the grocery store. There, I shop for my day. What do I buy? I buy mixed nuts, and/or broccoli salads and/or deviled eggs, and/or sushi, and/or tabouli, and/or coleslaw, and/or Greek salad, and/or (I hope you get the idea). I am not buying crap.  Usually, I’ll buy 2 items from the list I just created, then I go and drop it off at CG. This is when I will go to Barnes and Noble and grab a coffee and read a book. When it is time to start my afternoon shift, I walk to CG. Because most days I practice intermittent fasting, I will generally wait till my first break to eat my first meal, but sometimes I will eat at Barnes and Noble.

I will admit I am spending a little bit more than I otherwise would if I was home and prepping my salads at home. But I am not spending more than the 20-somethings who are also buying their food at the mall, but are eating very differently from myself.

Some of us are on the go, some of us are not home that much, some of us have roommates who may or may not be disasters in the kitchen, so you may or may not be able to utilize your kitchen to its fullest. You may be eating out a lot. This is okay if we recognize that it will still come down to choice and making good eating your priority. I do, and am completely fine, with being good naturedly teased for it. I am eating just as good, if not better now, than ever before because of the quality and selection of nutritionally rich foods at the Star Market.

I hope briefly sharing what I am doing to still prioritize my health, despite also living the American dream of working 3 jobs, provides some value and helps you do the same.