You can make a difference!

“Shift focus from calorie counting to nutritional value for heart health, say experts.                      “Clinicians have failed to act for far too long, but human and economic toll make this unaffordable, they argue.” – ScienceDaily

I’ve included the link to this article and took it directly from What I would honestly like you to do is go to that link, and read what it has to say, as it breaks down, how just a couple of key changes in your diet can have a huge positive impact on your health. Especially how fast that impact can be. In this you’ll will also be able to see the costs, and expected costs, that have been, and will be placed, on our health care systems on a nationwide scale.

But to sum it up here are a couple quotes.

“Shifting the focus away from calories and emphasising a dietary pattern that focuses on food quality rather than quantity will help to rapidly reduce obesity, related diseases, and cardiovascular risk,” they insist.”

“Obesity costs the NHS over £5 billion a year, while the costs of type 2 diabetes add up to more than £20 billion and are predicted to double over the next 20 years. Similarly, the cost of diabetes has risen 40% in the past five years in the US, adding up to $245 billion in 2012, they say.”

Now to tie it all in. You alone, all by yourself, can make a huge difference, both for yourself, and for the nation you call home, pay taxes to, etc. You see by choosing to eat a nutrient rich diet, you will be choosing the right foods. Thereby creating an extraordinarily healthier you, as well as not being a future drain on the state, requiring a lot of care, treatment, and medications, for your chronic disease.

This also becomes much easier to stick to.  Personally I no longer think about calories, because for the most part I can eat as much as I want. Because I’m eating the right foods now. Deprevity never works as a long term solution, but swopping the bad for the good does work.

You alone could do this! A few friends will ultimately join in, because they will be super jealous of you looking and acting so darn awesome, and that’s when we will trigger, what I like call, the “Wayne’s World” effect.  You know, you tell two friend, who will tell two friends, etc.

The reason why Monsanto, and others in the “big agri” are able to get away with what they are doing, is because, we are idiotically buying their crap! If you do shift focus and eat a plant based diet, they won’t be able to do that. Infact, if enough of us could make the switch, a lot of good things could really start to happen.

Have you heard of Permaculture? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. I highly recommend you do a little homework on the topic. Instead of being farmers, we become “hardcore” Gardeners.  Able to grow all of the right foods, that are best for us, which turns out to be the best for the soil, all the way up the food chain. When this is done right, an acre of land can sustainably support as much as 10 people if done right. The current methods of farming can only feed 4 per acre at best.

Also, if you stop eating the “not so good for us” foods, a boat load of money, and oil, will be saved. You would be astounded to learn how much it costs in energy, to both farm, pesticide, and ship, those very same foods, that are not good for us, to your dinner table. So it may come off as “hippyish,” but it is also just simple, sound science, and good economics. You will be healthier, and our planet will be healthier, but it does require us making the choice with our pocket books, and let’s be honest, money is the only thing that really talks if you want big changes to happen. But it can start with us. It can start with you.

I’m not a religious bloke, but maybe, just maybe, with our intelligence and modern gardening know how, we could get back to that mythical “Garden of Eden.” Or return to a grand form of hunter-gatherer with a bit of science and reason to help us along.