Got Milk?

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Countless studies are coming out showing that actually, dairy milk does not do the body good. In fact it does the opposite. It turns out milk is a very pro-inflammatory food, and as you might be aware, it is having constant/chronic inflammation in the body, that is one of the leading causes to so many of the chronic diseases that we are dealing with today. Now aside from the lactose content that many of the world’s population is intolerant of (lactose intolerance). Also the main protein in milk is casein, which has been demonstrated to promote cancer growth when initiated by carcinogens.

Now something else I just learned is milk contains very high levels of D galactose, which is itself, very pro-inflammatory.  It is this pro-inflammatory agent that is given to create aging models in animals. So I don’t think its takes a rocket scientist to start piecing this all together to conclude milk ages us, rather than helping keep us young and vibrant for as long possible.

From a personal stand point, I use to drink milk as a kid.  Without realizing it at the time, or knowing milk was one of the major contributors. I use to have troubles.  My allergies were far more severe, now I don’t seem have allergies at all. I had quite a bit of acne as a teenager, now I just don’t seem to have any skin problems.  (I live in the tropics now and sweat a lot I might add.)  As a kid, and we’ve discussed the other factors of over training, I was far more injury prone. Now-a-days, unless I tackle with my face, I just don’t seem to get hurt. Aside from my nose two years ago in Korea, I haven’t broken a bone since highschool.

But Glenn, where will I get my calcium? From just about every other plant food. They don’t tell you this but there is just as much, if not more, calcium in a cup of broccoli as there is in milk. Plus you get a whole lot of other essential nutrients in that cup of broccoli, that you just won’t find in milk.

Also by cutting out milk, you cut out a host of calories, so it will help with weight loss and weight stabalization. There are also alternatives to dairy milk like coconut and almond, (note I didn’t mention soy) but you should be aware that as milks they are refined foods to, so as opposed to the whole food versions, you get a surge of fats and calories that will digest faster than if consumed in whole food form. You will also need to be aware that as the ‘alternative’milks become more popular on store shelves, competition increases, and so do the additives of sugars and perservatives to “improve taste” and improve shelf life. They are still better than Dairy, but the commercial products may not be as good as we are being lead to believe.  Just something to be aware of.